Assistant Referees Flags

North Middlesex Referees Society can supply you with a number of different flags, from the less expensive Referees Association flags, through to the more expensive flags supplied by Touchline.

Referees Association Flags
Flags (plain) 6.00
Flags (quartered) 10.00
Flagsticks (pair) 4.00
Flag Bag 6.00
Flag Set (Plain) 13.00
Flag Set (Quartered) 17.00
The Referees Association also offer other other Flagsets - from flags at 13.00 a pair to Full Sets at 40.00 - contact us for details.

The Touchline Flags - details of which follow - have recently undergone a major redesign by the manufacturers.  The Mesh Flags are no longer available; and the stick design is new.  However, existing flags will fit on the new sticks.  The endcaps and inserts for the old style wooden sticks are still available as below.

Premier Flags

Premier Flags

Touchline Flags - come in a variety of different combinations and qualities.  Premier;  Quartered; and Plain are made from high visibility solid warp knitted polyester yarn (weight 125g); and Flagsticks feature non wrap flag sticks with durable, soft feel handles.  The Starter Flags are lightweight, and ideal for the new referee.
Premier - Full Set 30.00

Premier - Flags and Sticks 25.00

Premier - Flags Only 16.50

Quartered - Full Set 30.00

Quartered  - Flags and Sticks 25.00

Quartered  - Flags Only 16.50

Plain - Full Set 27.75

Plain  - Flags and Sticks 25.00

Plain  - Flags Only 16.50

Starter Flag Set - Full Set 12.00

Starter Flags

Quartered Flags

Quartered Flags

Plain Flags

Plain Flags


Full Set (in Flagbag)


Touchline Accessories - we can supply the following accessories for your Touchline Flags.

Flag Bag 5.10

Flagsticks (pair) 15.75

Touchlok (for new sticks - pair) 2.05

Endcaps (pair) 2.05
Brass Inserts (Pair) 1.05

All prices subject to fluctuation and change without notice. 

For Endcaps and Brass Inserts please check availability by clicking here to e-mail your enquiry.